Michael Hodge Jr

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I'm the owner and President of LightSky. I started programming over seven years ago as a way towards a better career. In April of 2010, I was hired on at LightSky as a back-end programmer, and that was a positioned I maintained until May 2013 when I became owner of the company. Even though my job now requires a whole different set of responsibilities, I still take time to ensure that I'm keeping my development chops up to par. I'm most comfortable in the back-end of Drupal, but have a plethora of experience on the front-end as well. I love learning new technologies and am always up for a challenge. You'll also find me hosting a variety of screencasts and webinars in addition to my other duties. 

When I'm not working, I love to hunt, fish, and explore the outdoors. I'm also very passionate about aviation and obtained my Private Pilot certificate in 2008. I am also a real estate agent here in Madison and enjoy the adventures and challenges that it brings.