The Web: It's so much more than what you see.

The tools that run the web are powerful, and so often underutilized. One of the most significant values in building the type of technological solutions that we build is the ability to add integrations and workflow automation to your organization. When you mention "workflow automation," you may think of large pieces of software or complex integrations. While that is certainly true, that doesn't encompass the full scope of potential for workflow automation practices. Even something as simple as automating the generation of a monthly report can be done under the "workflow automation" umbrella. In fact, we have written many such scripts for clients. So, what are the types of problems we can help you solve?

Workflow Automation Software
  • Integration between your website and internal tools
  • Creation of a custom portal to consolidate the tools your organization uses under a single interface
  • Generation of regularly scheduled reports
  • and much more
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