As software developers, our code is our craft. Our company believes that for us to be the best partner to our clients, we have to stay on top of our ever-changing industry. One way we do this is by encouraging our development team to take an hour a day to learn something new. This professional development time helps ensure our staff is always on top of current trends and techniques.

We have a few guiding philosophies that we use to ensure that we provide a quality product to our clients:

Software Development Services
  • We use Test-Driven Development (TDD). What this means is that for every line of code we write, we have an accompanying test that ensures that the code does what we (and you) expect it too. Throughout the lifetime of the codebase, this test suite helps guard against any bugs that may get into the production environment and helps prevent bugs that have been previously fixed from "regressing" back into the codebase.
  • We use the Agile Method of Software Development (or, more specifically, a modified version of it). By using Agile, we allow our clients to be heavily involved in the development of their software throughout the process, not after. Often times, a client's needs change, and this helps us quickly gather feedback and implement changes.
  • We use open-source software where practical to cut down on development costs and to add additional functionality without the overhead of having to develop it ourselves.
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