We have over 20 years of add features, fixing bugs and troubleshooting performance and stability problems in web applications and custom software.

Creating customized software for an organization is expensive. Due to this, it is better to add functionality to an existing piece of software than it is to create something new. Over time, the fixing of bugs and adding features can tend to increase what we like to call "Technical Debt." This Technical Debt can create applications that are frail or hard to maintain. We have a lot of experience working in older, and often fragile, apps and can help add some stability to your codebase. So how do we do that?

Website Maintenance Service Company
  • We start by identifying areas of your application that need improvement. We can do this by profiling your application and finding areas that are unoptimized, or by talking with you to learn of spots that have a history of fragility.
  • We develop a plan for improving the stability of the app. Often, this means refactoring a section of code to make it more efficient, add readability into the app, or to aid in the organization of the codebase itself. This may include adding automated testing software to help catch any bugs that may get introduced throughout the refactoring process.
  • We implement our plan in one of two ways: One is by focusing on the plan itself. Meaning we work to fix any areas of concern that have been identified. The other option is or us to focus on implementing the solutions over time as we add features and perform other maintenance to your application. This oftentimes the preferred option for our clients as it allows them to get value from new features and bug fixes, but offers peace of mind knowing that we are tackling the larger issues with the codebase.
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