The Problem

Oaklawn is a non-profit mental health provider located in the Elkhart/Goshen Indiana area, with a deep connection to the Amish and Mennonite community.  Oaklawn's desire to provide not only the best clinical care, but the best services overall to their community was pushing the limits of their Drupal 6 site and their traditional hosting solution.  They turned to LightSky to help them build a platform that provided expandability into the future, and met their current needs.  Oaklawn also underwent a complete rebranding prior to taking on their website project.  They wanted their site to be the core of their image and the go to place for the community as well as their staff for information.

The Solution

LightSky worked hand in hand with Oaklawn and an additional firm through the discovery phases to integrate their new branding efforts into their website.  We agreed that their website design should be a collaboration between the firm completing their rebranding and ourselves.  We were able to implement this design into an easy to navigate and beautiful Drupal 7 instillation that allows Oaklawn to share news, promote their popular events, and provide information about their services.  Drupal 7 not only allows Oaklawn the functionality they needed today, but also provides them flexibility to meet all of their future needs.  From integrating event registration and payment, to patient access of data directly from their site, Oaklawn's big plans will not be hindered by by technical limitations of their site.

Keeping long term success and scalability in mind LightSky chose to launch Oaklawn's new site on Pantheon.  Pantheon provides the stability, scalability, and control that Oaklawn needs now and in the future.  Pantheon's dedicated development, testing, and production environments allows Lightsky to make continual improvements to Oaklawn's site while providing a safe and secure environment to test those changes while also allowing our developers to build and push those changes locally.  Oaklawn also participates in LightSky's Drupal Update Program.

Now that you've seen what we were able to do for Oaklawn, let us create an innovative web experience that encompasses the uniqueness of who you are.

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