Jason Industries

The Problem

Jason Industries builds truck caps and tonneau covers that are distributed via a dealership system. Unfortunately, the Jason Industries website was not super friendly to its dealers. and since the website couldn't talk to the company's internal Access database, information had to be updated in two places to avoid discrepancies. To top it off, the design of their old site had become dated, so it wasn't as appealing to new customers either. 

The Solution

LightSky worked with Jason Industries to build a new site that included functionality that they hadn't ever had: a dealer locator, coupons, social media & newsletter sign-up. We also wrote a script to sync up Jason's Access database with Drupal and their dealer extranet program. Response was overwhelmingly positive. Dealers and customers reported finding the site easier to navigate. In fact, traffic increased 30% since the launch of the new site. 

Now that you've seen what we were able to do for Jason Industries, let us create an innovative web experience that encompasses the uniqueness of who you are.

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