Elkhart County Prosecutor

The Idea

Elkhart County Prosecutor wanted a public facing site that displayed their pride in and commitment to protecting their community. Their online presence needed to communicate steps they were taking to resolve community concerns, information about events and operations, and clearly convey the value provided by the prosecutor's office. On the functional side, the Elkhart County Prosecutor wanted to streamline the process for posting notices regarding fugitives, felons, and those wanted for non-payment of child support.

The Solution

LightSky completely redesigned the public facing side of Elkhart County Prosecutor's website in 2013 utilizing a Drupal 7 framework. This framework provided the security needed for the prosecutor's office, while remaining highly flexible and easy to use. LightSky integrated access to certain information from the office's internal website, also built by LightSky, to allow the public site to display most wanted, felon and delinquent child support information to the general public. This eliminated redundancies in content entry and met the functional needs of the project. The fresh design proudly displays the efforts of the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office. 

The Elkhart County Prosecutor also participates in LightSky's Drupal Update Program. Ask us about automatic updates to your site's Drupal core and modules to insure security and lasting performance for one low monthly fee.

Now that you've seen what we were able to do for Elkhart County Prosecutor, let us create an innovative web experience that encompasses the uniqueness of who you are.

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