Curl Troy

The Problem

Curl Troy is a non-profit curling club located in the Dayton Ohio area.  They are a relatively small group and are all volunteers.  They needed a web solution that not only gave them a powerful web presence but also gave them registration, and league management.  Their members were spending hours a week managing payment and registration for each league and event that they held.  They were using a payment processing solution that required their participants to register in one place and then visit another site to make a payment, and their staff to manually connect each registration and payment.  Curl Troy needed a web solution that streamlined their registration and payment process for their participants and their staff, preventing lost registrations and reducing workload.

The Solution

LightSky implemented a new Drupal 7 installation, upgrading Curl Troy from their old Drupal 6 platform.  Not only did this make the site more secure and stable, but it drastically added to their ability to add features and functionality.  Integrating event registration with the ecommerce aspect of the site allowed for seamless payment and registration for their event participants and drastically decreased workload for their staff managing the registration for each league.  This increased functionality and more modern design allowed Curl Troy to manageably handle the influx of interest gained during the Winter Olympics.

Now that you've seen what we were able to do for Curl Troy, let us create an innovative web experience that encompasses the uniqueness of who you are.

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