Columbus Mennonite Church

The Problem

Columbus Mennonite Church is a Mennonite Congregation located in Columbus, Ohio.  While they had an existing website, it proved complicated to update and wasn't presenting the image that the church wanted to put forward.  It was also becoming a limiting factor in what Columbus Mennonite was able to do with the web.  They wanted to expand their web presence and reach a new group of the community.

The Solution

Columbus Mennonite received a beautiful forward facing design, representing their church, and as they called it, replaced their front door.  While a responsive design wasn't in the works for Columbus Mennonite, careful attention was paid to how things worked and looked on devices of all sizes, and the Drupal platform provides Columbus Mennonite a firm foundation with which to add a responsive design down the road.  Columbus Mennonite's beautiful forward facing design isn't the end of what their site offers though, as we created a great members only functionality that allows them to share certain information on their site with only members.  This allows them to distribute information to their congregation without having to worry about whether or not it is appropriate for the general public to have access to.  For churches this is a much needed feature to keep the congregation in touch with each other in the digital age.  Not only is there a members only section, but LightSky was also able to streamline their worship scheduling allowing schedulers to make changes to individual responsibilities each week, while allowing the congregation to view the schedule and find out if their help is needed.

As part of this project LightSky launched the new site on Pantheon, a hosting platform that provides some of the best stability and uptime by being fine tuned for the Drupal framework. 


Now that you've seen what we were able to do for Columbus Mennonite Church, let us create an innovative web experience that encompasses the uniqueness of who you are.

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