City of Goshen

The Problem

The City of Goshen, Indiana had a website that was antiquated and difficult to update. This antiquation meant that some information didn't make it on to the website or even if it did, the site's navigation made it challenging to locate. The website was not fulfilling its pupose of communicating with citizens. The city needed a website that was easy to navigate and easy to maintain. Ideally, Goshen wanted each of the city's 30+ departments to be responsible for their own timely communication with constituents.

The Solution

LightSky built the City of Goshen's website on the Drupal 7 platform. Drupal 7 is easy to maintain. It also accommodates a permission structure for each department to maintain their own content, without custom coding or obtuse configuration. With the new website, the City of Goshen raised the bar for municipal transparency. Each department can and does update their content, keeping constituents appraised of meetings, events and other information of interest. The navigation clearly and intuitively guides visitors to government, resident, and business sections so that citizens have quick and easy access to relevant information.

Now that you've seen what we were able to do for City of Goshen, let us create an innovative web experience that encompasses the uniqueness of who you are.

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