Chaminade Julienne High School

The Problem

CJ Eagles is a private parochial High School located in Dayton Ohio, and is truly the cutting edge and an example for schools to follow.  They are intimately dedicated to their students and families, and their website serves not only as a tool for their families but also as a tool for them to recruit new students.  We needed to create a new look and feel, with the same behind the scenes processes they were used to.

The Solution

CJ received a fresh installation of the LightSky Drupal 7 Profile, which provided a bulk of the functionality that they were looking for as well as well as provided a great foundation for the features that we continue to add over time.  Their custom design provided a great base plate and a clean and modern look for the entire site.  Their athletics department is ever growing and becoming a strong contender and major recruiting tool for the school.  As the department grows it continues to seek more features and functionality from the site.  One of those features is a scheduling and game data collector.  Each game is input in the system by CJ staff and displays to the public, but the data for scores and location on each of those games is being stored in such a manner that it could be reused later without any further data entry.

CJ Eagles is hosted with a third party hosting service and is kept regularly updated to make sure that all of the functionality of Drupal is available to them.


Now that you've seen what we were able to do for Chaminade Julienne High School, let us create an innovative web experience that encompasses the uniqueness of who you are.

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