Oaklawn Launches with LightSky

Oaklawn Site Longtime LightSky partner Oaklawn recently launched their new Drupal 7 website with LightSky, upgrading from an older site build by LightSky on Drupal 6.  Oaklawn has been looking forward to this upgrade for the past year and we have worked tirelessly with them to develop a site that meets their needs, and will be scalable in the future.  With big plans for powerful use of their web presence, Oaklawn needed a solution that would provide them expandibility of forward facing and backend functionality.  Drupal 7 was the perfect solution for the task.

As part of the update Oaklawn chose to implement a fully responsive design, built to function well on all types of movile devices large and small.  This responsive design will allow all of their visitors easy access to information regardless of the type of device they use.

Oaklawn has also chosen to join LightSky's growing list of update agreement partners, meaning that their site will undergo regular updates to contrib modules and Drupal Core seamlessly over time.  This solution is great for organizations like Oaklawn who want to maintain their website, while knowing that all of the backend is being tended to in the process.  As part of the project LightSky launched their new site on Pantheon, a hosting platform that provides some of the best stability and uptime by being fine tuned for the Drupal framework.

Join us in congratulating Oaklawn, on their outstanding acheivement and hard work while redesigning their site.  To see more about this project visit Oaklawn in our Portfolio.