LightSky Partners with Acquia

Earlier this month LightSky announced that it had joined forces with Acquia, the leading provider of Drupal hosting solutions, and a key component in the development of the Drupal open source project. 

As someone who is currently working with LightSky, the Acquia Cloud hosting platform is now available to you at a cost lower than an individual Acquia Subscription.  Not only is this hosting some of the most cost effective options that are available, but it is perhaps the best and most optimized hosting platform for Drupal.

The LightSky team has spent the last month or two researching and testing this platform with our own site and some other test projects.  We are happy to say that we were quite impressed, and this is why we are offering this solution through to our customers.

If you would like more information on how you could potentially save money, and increase reliability and performance of your site contact your project manager or Bruce Clingan today to learn more.