Distributed? What does it mean?

Probably the number one thing that I find myself explaining when I talk about LightSky is what exactly being distributed means and how that impacts our partners. The benefits of being distributed are seen in the quality of work we produce and the cost at which we produce it.  Simply put, there are no downsides.

Being distributed just means that we don’t have one central office, meeting place, or warehouse.  We all work from locations of our choosing.  For some it is the library, and some the coffee shop, but most of us work from our homes. We have the tools we need to work from wherever we choose. This is a huge benefit to LightSky and its partners. Several of our employees would never have the opportunity to join us if they had to move to a single location. Not only can we recruit and retain the best talent, we can do it with less overhead.  Our partners receive value from both the talent and cost savings, while our employees benefit from the flexibility. We don’t measure our employees by standing over their shoulders and making sure that they get their eight hours in. We have targets for everyone and grade by effectiveness and productivity.

Everyone dreams of providing for their family, making a difference professionally, and working for someone who understands that life is more than just your job.  While we value our partners and are committed to meeting their needs, we also believe that our employees work to live, not live to work. Building websites and developing software is just a small piece of what we each do. Some of us participate in motorsports, fly airplanes, jump out of airplanes (though I am personally not sure why you would do this), have kids, build models, and some of us even play video games- stereotypical, right? That is not what makes us distributed, just what makes us human.  Being distributed allows each of us live more fully.

We choose to be distributed because it allows us to bring together the best talent, the best atmosphere, the best product, and the best price. Our partners still get the same feeling as they would if we all worked in one place. They just can’t stop by the office to say hello to everyone. Distributed organizations are the way of the future, and LightSky is proud to help set the trend.