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We would love to work with your organization. There is no risk in asking what we can do to help and we always like meeting new people. Let us know what you're thinking. We can't wait to make your project take off!

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We would love to hear about your organization or how you use the internet.  If you just wanna chat use this simple general contact form.

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Right now, we've got a full bench. Keep checking back to see if we're taking on new recruits. 

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We love social media! It's an excellent way to communicate with us. Follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @lightsky_design.  We also play on Google + and Linkedin.

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We always love goodies even though we don't all work from the same location.  If you have something to send to our team you can use this address:

P.O Box 273
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By the way - you can send payments here too, we're cool with that!

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Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:00AM till 5:00PM. 

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We have phones, too. You can reach us at (800) 385-4518.  You'll have a couple of options when you call. Pick the best one and we will make sure you get to the right person.