Social Media - The Next SEO Frontier (Part Two)

Last week we discussed how Social Media is becoming once of the biggest players for SEO in Social Media - The Next SEO Frontier.  This week we will discuss how Facebook and how your organization uses it, fits into your strategy.  


Perhaps one of the most popular social media outlets in use today is Facebook.  Founded in 2004*, Facebook has steadily grown to draw over 3 times the unique visitors per month than any other social media site, and has more unique monthly visitors than the other ten most popular social media sites on the internet**.  This makes Facebook perhaps one of the most viewed sites on the internet, and not only an excellent way to not only market to your viewers but to drive traffic to your site.

Though actually marketing through Facebook Advertisements is typically the first thing that people think about when trying to leverage Facebook to reach their audience, it may not be the best choice for your group.  While this is a relatively effective technique there are other options, particularly for those who have a large audience, that could be more cost effective at driving traffic to your site and your business.

Interaction is the key.  Why does your audience engage in Facebook?  Most people engage in Facebook to interact with people and organizations.  If you aren’t interacting back, then your audience will quickly become less likely to engage with you at all.  Pose questions, show what your store or organization is doing today, run specials, and promote your sites content.  Engaging your audience is the key to successful use of Facebook as a platform.

Once you have an audience, and regularly engage that audience, the goal should become to use that audience as a marketing platform.  This though is where you have to be careful.  Marketing to your audience should be done in a way that isn’t overbearing, and really in a way that draws your readers into your website.  Because your businesses website is afterall the best way to convert traffic into business.  Using Facebook to draw traffic to your site and to your physical business can be a great way to increase foot and digital traffic for your business. 

Search Engines?

You might be asking, what does all of this have to do with search engines, well sharing can help your site get higher search engine rankings.  Matt Cutts talks a great deal about how Google's job is to help its visitors find the most relevant content for their search.  What makes something more relevant than people sharing it with their friends.  Marketers and salespeople have for years lived off of the notion of the referral, and sharing content with your friends is like a super referral in the digital world.  This doesn't take into account the idea that Facebook is a search engine of sorts.  It doesn't work like Google and Bing, but I bet we can all find a time where we are guilty of going back to Facebook to find a post sharing some new product or recipe. 


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