Drupal - The Best Solution for Your Site

Many people approach us with specific goals and desires in their website, but what makes Drupal our go-to solution? Simple, not only is it flexible and adaptable to almost any requirements that might arise, it is also a cost efficient and user manageable framework. Drupal is being adopted by more major corporations and according to Acquia 24% of all .gov websites are built in Drupal. Even more interesting is that looking at the rest of the .gov domains we find very little grasp from any of the most common open source content management systems*.


What makes Drupal such a good choice for content management though is perhaps not content management at all, it’s security. As a framework Drupal provides an open source platform that is not only stable and adaptable but is also extremely secure. Even though other common CMS platforms aren’t necessarily insecure Drupal is set apart by the presence of a dedicated security team. Drupal doesn’t leave security to the individual module developers, but deploys a security team focused on not only finding security concerns but also fixing them.


Not only does Drupal provide a secure option, but it also provides the flexibility to fit almost any project. If you simply look at the number of notable sites powered by the Drupal framework, you can see that its power stretches far beyond a basic website or blog. When you see other CMS frameworks implemented ask yourself if that framework could power anything that company needed, or whether it will be your limiting factor. Many high profile corporations and organizations use Drupal to power their entire web presence, not just their blog. You might be surprised about some of the sites that use Drupal as their framework.

Long Term Stability

No framework will be around forever, and the technology world is ever changing and adapting. Just a short time ago it seemed that Flash was becoming the web standard, now it just seems a Flash in the wind. Drupal provides a stable platform that will continue to be supported into the foreseeable future. The Drupal Community has aligned itself to remain a viable option for some time by simply being a community of like minded individuals who aren’t afraid to contribute to the platform’s stability.

The Right Choice

These key points are likely what makes Drupal the most cost effective, time effective, efficient, and powerful tool for your company’s digital presence. As a framework, Drupal goes much further than simply building websites, giving it the power it needs to solve a variety of problems faced by both developers and business owners. Keeping your company flexible and secure in our ever changing digital world.