CKEditor in Core and Why that is a Big Deal

I can remember back to the first time I installed Drupal.  I ran the install through CPanel (I know right, don’t hold it against me) and bingo there was my brand new website… or something like that.  Drupal 6 just didn’t offer me out of the box much to be excited about, and while Drupal 7 was certainly an improvement it still didn’t offer much more than a platform to simply get started with what I had just found out was going to be a long process.  I was building a site for my newly formed curling club, and I just learned that this was going to be a bit of work to get it where it needed to be, and even then I started to fear that I may not be able to teach anyone else how to update the site, which would mean even more work. 

I fought the urge, the strong urge to use a platform that was a little more, how do you say, out of the box ready.  But here we are several years later and I am glad I stuck with Drupal, the curling club is as well.  The functionality that I have been able to add over the years and the payment and registration integration just wouldn’t be quite possible under some of the other available systems. 

Drupal long took the approach that the core should be very lightweight, compact, and should allow site builders the flexibility to make decisions on what to use in their site.  I applaud this as a bloated core is just as bad as one that doesn’t accomplish the intended task, but usability has to be taken into mind.  As the user base for Drupal has grown though the need for a higher level of functionality to come out of the box has come as well. 

Drupal’s somewhat philosophical shift to adding some key features to core, like CKEditor, is a huge step in the right direction.  Now Drupal is a step closer after install to being ready to run, and positions itself to be used by more site builders and developers by decreasing the amount of work they will have to get a simple site up and running.  This is an indicator that you don’t have to load down core to the point where it interferes with enterprise level projects to concede a bit to the smaller players.  Bravo Drupal!

What features do you seem to install on every Drupal site.