Can You ______? Yes, We Can!

I like writing blog posts about questions I get from LightSky’s customers.  Some are short answers, some are very long and complex, but all are important. The most common question I field, particularly with people who haven’t worked with us for very long is “Can we do ____ ?”.  The short answer is “Absolutely.” We can make it happen. It all comes down to time, cost, and ultimately ROI for your business. If your web firm says that a feature or project can’t be done, perhaps they’re working with a limited toolbox.

Drupal and the underlying framework that we use when we build websites are extremely flexible. We can customize them to your precise needs and specifications. Drupal is so powerful that it has the potential to recreate almost any site on the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, (Wait, is already built in Drupal). LightSky has chosen these tools because of their flexibility. We don’t like to be limited or put in a box, and we don’t want that for our customers. If you can dream it, we can build it.

If your web firm says “it can’t be done,” give LightSky a call.