5 Resolutions for Your Website

I know that I have spent the last few weeks planning with my family what kinds of New Years Resolutions we should have.  We are a little different, we typically don’t resolve some sort of personal goal, but make plans for things we are going to upgrade, projects around the house and things that we want to focus on fixing over the next year.  It is a process that works well for us, and we seem to follow these resolutions much more than when we resolve to make some individual change.  Realistically though this can apply to your organizations website, and I think that you will be surprised with the results of some simple plans.

Change The Furniture

We always say that content is king, and new fresh content can be a huge step.  Writing regular content has a huge impact on the visitors to your website.  Every industry sees some level of pretty regular change.  Whether it be product, process, or even just what you are doing internally; change is what can help bring in new customers and donors, and writing about that change is what draws them into your website.  So write weekly, biweekly, monthly or whatever you can make work, but write regularly.

Make Your Number Listed

With our homes sometimes we don’t want people to really be able to find this and we accomplish that through using unlisted telephone numbers, but the purpose of your website is to draw in visitors so it is critical to ensure that you are being found on the internet.  We accomplish this by not only making sure that our sites are listed, but for actually optimizing them so that they are listed well in the search engines.  Simply taking some time to ensure that your pages are listed correctly can truly shed some light on what visitors are missing you altogether.

Change the Oil in Your Car Regularly

The often forgotten step in a website is making sure that the site itself is up to date.  Just like any piece of software, the code that your site is built on will regularly receive updates of some sort.  If you are using an open source solution like Drupal, which is what we would recommend, these updates are typically free.  Making sure that they are installed when they come out and that they are installed properly is the key.  We began offering update agreements to our clients last year because we saw this to be the number one thing that is forgotten about when maintaining a site.

Repaint The House

Give your visitors something new to look at.  Design standards, and even web standards have changed significantly over the last several years.  A new fresh look might be just what your company needs.  Often times companies do branding updates, changing logos, typefaces and other parts of their visual identity and they neglect to make those changes to their website.  Your website should be the hub of your visual identity.  While a redesign might be a little bit more costly than some of the other options, the reward is worth it.

Change the Appliances

Your website should be an extension of your business and should do more than just be the forward face of your brand.  Are there steps of your business process that could be automated through the website?  Are there steps for the customer that could be automated?  Consider adding order tracking, customer portals, human resource steps or other bits of functionality to your site.  These additions can pay off big in time savings, and can provide an extra incentive to your customer to use your services.  If you can dream it, we can build it.