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Why Select Drupal - Quick Tip #2

Learn what makes Drupal the best solution, and the go to solution here at LightSky in this week's quick tip with LightSky Director of Business Development Bruce Clingan.

Friends don't let Friends Build Websites on the Side

A few years ago, I was  alking to a friend of mine who has been a professional photographer for quite some time. He was expressing frustration with the growing number of amateur photographers. “Anyone with a DLSR camera thinks they can be a photographer.” I thought that being in the web development business meant that I would be immune from this.

I was wrong.

Better SEO Through Content - Quick Tip #1

Learn about why content is king, and how to use content to increase the value of your site's Search Engine Optimization in this Quick Tip Video from LightSky.  LightSky President Mike Hodge discusses strategies on how to make SEO gains through new and consistent content strategies.

5 Resolutions for Your Website

I know that I have spent the last few weeks planning with my family what kinds of New Years Resolutions we should have.  We are a little different, we typically don’t resolve some sort of personal goal, but make plans for things we are going to upgrade, projects around the house and things that we want to focus on fixing over the next year.  It is a process that works well for us, and we seem to follow these resolutions much more than when we resolve to make some individual change.  Realistically though this can apply to your organizations website, and I think that you will be surprised wi

Do You Know What Your Search Does?

I was working through some training with a client and we got on the subject of Search Engine Optimization.  We all know that with the Hummingbird changes that Google introduced earlier this year there have definitely been some major changes, but our conversation brought me to a somewhat enlightening discovery.  Google, and potentially really any search engine, has the ability to control the image of your

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